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Apr. 27th, 2008

I rode a total of 18.5km (11.5 miles)yesterday with just over 10km on some pretty rugged moorland. I did the 10Km ride again this afternoon and then I'm out again tomorrow for another ride which should come in at about 15km. SO far this is the only exercise I commit to regularly because it's more fun than workout so I'm happy to do it.

My legs are getting a pretty good work out and I'm noticing some weight loss on my chest and hips but not a lot from my belly which is becoming more noticable as other parts get smaller. I've also got more upper body strength now that I am doing tougher rides as I'm having to control my bike a lot more. This is something I really need to build though so rather belatedly, I am going to go and sort out gym stuff this week.

Anybody got any good advice on preventing bruising or getting rid of bruises faster. My legs are pretty awful looking at the moment due to the continual bruising. Is there any long term health issue from continuously getting bruised ?
I did a rather arduous ride yesterday on my bike, meeting up with some consierably more experienced riders. I got some really good tips and advice though, I did 15 miles on tough-ish terrain, a lot of climbs and some lovely fast downhill sections.

Today I did 10 miles locally, pretty flat but at a decent pace, covering the last 2 miles in 13 minutes, which isn't fast but as I'm on a mountain bike with knobbly rather than slick tyres, it's not too shabby.

Total miles ridden this weekend =25
Total bruises= 5

so, um, how fast are you supposed to run?

First of all, I want to apologize for the fact that I haven't really been posting here very much. It's hard enough for me to find time to work out, let alone post about it! But I read this community with great interest, and get a lot of inspiration from all of you.

So my question is ... back in July 07 I started the Couch to 5K program and pretty much stuck with it, except for a lapse in January/February when I was traveling a lot for job interviews. So now I'm running for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week and have started to track my runs on the Google pedometer to see how fast/how far I run. It seems I am getting faster (albeit very very slowly), but I have to admit I was a little disappointed to realize that the 10-minute mile is definitely quite far off for me, and that 30 minutes does not equal a 5K. I'd like to do something to keep progressing -- either start gradually adding time to my run, or start trying to run faster (but I'm not sure I can do that, I think I push myself as hard as I can without hating it when I run ... and the "without hating" it part is pretty critical, you know? Because I know that I won't do it if I don't enjoy it).

So I guess my questions are ...
1) Does my inability to run a 10-minute mile make me hopelessly out of shape?
2) What do people who have completed the Couch to 5K do to keep going?

Mar. 30th, 2008

Ok, so I had to come home and have a nap afterwards, but I managed to not only plot a route via satellite images but it was the right route when we got there and found the little signs.

10.18Km ride with a lot of climbing. I only pushed for about 200m when it was either too cobbled or just too damned wet to ride up easily. The moors are really wet at the moment so some of the ride was quite muddy, but awesome fun too.

You can see my route here click on hybrid and show elevation for the full appreciation of my awesome cross country riding skills.

Pics later when I recharge my camera
I've not done a lot this week, although I've eaten very well. By very well I mean I haven't eaten lots of bread (my major weakness). I have got an awesome ride planned for the weekend, 4 hours or so in the hills where I grew up.

We will be cycling along

yay! another class

I went to the Salsa fusion class today. I made a friend - she's around my age, married, with a two year old son. Really nice. She said she just joined and wants to get to know some people to take classes with. I am so bummed that I'm moving in two months! After finally making a friend. Anyway, tomorrow I plan to take another Yoga class and try the less popular pool - something else I've been meaning to do. Then I head out to Lafayette to Xtian's work place. He's booked me a session with their massage therapist. Being on Spring Break rules!

Friday Ride

My main concerns with riding are about my knee holding out. I twisted it a few weeks ago when riding on roads (a woman nearly reversed into me, I jumped myself and bike out of the way) and it's hurt the last few weekends.

I went out to Delamere Forest this weekend with friends. Cycled fire roads and a lot of singletrack through the trees, impressively I was the only one of the group who could ride up the hills and managed a fairly impressive 8% climb without stopping breathing at any point.

Only did around 5 miles though as Andrew managed to come off down a hideous bit of trail known as No Brains (as in only ridden by those with no brains) and landed on his shoulder. Despite the very inclement weather (temp of 5C with windchill bringining it down to around -2C at times), ridiculous amount of wind and then sleet and hail. Lovely.

Had planned to ride part of the Mary Townley loop tomorrow but due to snow and Andrew's shoulder have had to cancel. BooHoo.

Dec. 5th, 2007

The timing for this site is so great! I'm just getting started on moving out of maintenance and into what will hopefully be a losing phase.

Most of you know, but about two years ago I lost a significant amount of weight (somewhere between 115-125lbs, I'm guessing. I was too scared to get on a scale at the beginning, and as heavy as I was, a lot of scales aren't very accurate). Although I have been able to maintain the loss (with a little bit of fluctuation, but nothing significant) I still would like to lose about 20lbs to finally feel like I have "finished" the weight loss portion of getting more fit, which would put me at the high end of average for my height according to the BMI charts. I have a lot of muscle and am tall, so BMI isn't a super-great indicator of fitness, but I think it is a reasonable goal.

I live in South Korea, and what has been really difficult for me has been food. Recently, I have realized that I have a lot more issues about food and eating and my size than I realized - I thought I had dealt with a lot of that - but when I realized the men in the Korean rock climbing community have no problem telling me that I am too big and need to diet (I usually wear a US 10) it started a snowball effect of emotions, many of which I'm still sort of processing. I'm also trying to learn more about setting boundaries, but that is probably a different entry.

So in terms of food, I'm back at the beginning steps - measuring and weighing to determine portion sizes, counting and tracking calories, and making sure I'm eating enough protein to help maintain as much muscle mass as possible.

For exercise, my school told me that I can go to the gym on my lunch hour, which is an amazing thing and has really changed my day at school. I am climbing two days during the week and as much as I can on the weekends, and ideally I would like to run in the mornings, with the goal of being able to bring my 10k time down to an hour (I'm at about 1.10 right now).

Ugh, that seems like a lot of words. In summary:
1. Track calories daily
2. Work out at lunch 5x/week
3. Climb 2x/week (long-term climbing goal - lead climb 5.10a, toprope 5.10c)
4. 1 hr. 10k
5. lose 20lbs.

fitness sites I love:
Stumptuous. Solid information from a feminist standpoint.
Fitday. The wake-up call for me when I start logging what I'm actually putting into my mouth is shocking at first, then really sort of freeing. Knowledge is power.
Alwyn Cosgrove's blog entry about goal setting. I don't know a lot about him as a trainer right now, but I've heard lots of good, and this makes sense to me - possibly because it is how I think about writing goals and objectives on Special Education IEP's :)

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